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Who we are

Posted on November 09, 2018

We are Elite File.

We are promotional website that host unregistered music and videos for free.

Unlike other file hosting platforms available online, we have no limitations.

Upload your music at the comfort of your own space. You can use your mobile device or laptop to upload new music and videos.

Elite File is becoming South Africa's trusted file hosting service online.

People like the platform because it is beautifully designed, mobile responsive. It doesn't annoy users with unnecessary ads.

We don't like...

Elite File consists of content which is derived entirely from the users of the website.

Users cannot upload music or work by other artists and creators.

Users may not upload any files that infringe copyrights, pornography and sexually explicit images and videos, images or videos expressing hate or racism, or similar files.

Those files will be removed immediately without your consent.

The idea of the platform (Elite File) is not to sell other people's work for profit.

No, we only created a space online for people who just want to share their own produced music.

Our mission is simple

We would love to see your music reach your audience with instant.

File hosting is free for lifetime.

We will promote your file for free on our Facebook Page and other respective groups.

Your music file will never be deleted on our systems unless they infringe any copyright laws.

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